AUSTRALIA: (27 titles)

All Men Are Liars
BloodLines: An Evil Ancestry (Daughter of Darkness try eBay)
Bloodmoon (1990)
Critters 3
Easy Prey (try eBay as it is a cheap Flashback Entertainment)
Future Cop Box Set (Future Cop 1-6)
Howling 2
Just Another Secret (Frederick Forsyth - Double Feature: Collector's Edition (Casualty Of War / Just Another Secret)
Love and other Catastrophies
Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life
Muppet Teasure Island
Odd Couple, The
Poison Ivy 2: Lily
Prom Night 4 (series on eBay)
Puppet Master (Puppet Master 1 to 5 Boxset)
Red Scorpion (Theatrical Release, and for uncut version R2 Japan - (PAND))
Remo Unarmed and Dangerous (Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins...)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (try eBay)
Trick or Treat (OOP find on eBay)
West Coast Eagles Premiers '94 (1992 and 1994 Grand Final pack)
When Worlds Collide
World of Horror (can't find it anywhere but was the best version but still crap for an Argento film)
Zombie Holocaust (AKA Dr Butcher MD)

AMERICA: (104 titles)

Alice, Sweet Alice
All the Way
Amityville A New Generation (OOP)
Amityville It's About Time
Battle Beyond the Sun (Nebo Zovyot)
Born In East L.A.
Born Innocent
Boxcar Bertha
Boyfriend From Hell (Shrimp on the Barbie)
Brain That Wouldn't Die
Cannibal Apocalypse (UK has version too. Not sure of difference)
Carnival of Blood
Charlie Chaplin - 8 DVD Set (contains 58 movies) - (UK has box sets under each stuido I think)
Child, The
Children of the Night
Chillers (Troma film)
Circuitry Man (Circuitry Man/ Circuitry Man 2)
Circus of Horrors
Class of Nuke 'em High 2 (Troma film)
Creeping Flesh
Croaked (Croaked: Frog Monster from Hell/Horror of the Hungry Humongous Hungan/Video Demons Do Psychotown (Troma film))
Curse, The (Curse/The Curse 2: The Bite)
Curse of the Cannibal Confederates (Curse of the Screaming Dead (Troma film))
Cult of the Dead (The Snake People found in various Boris Karloff collections)
Demon of Paradise (Roger Corman's Cult Classics: Up from the Depths/Demon of Paradise)
Devil Times Five
Dr. Giggles
Drunken Master
Dungeon of Terror (Requiem For A Vampire)
Evil, The (Roger Corman's Cult Classics: The Evil/Twice Dead)
Eye Creatures, The (Zontar The Thing From Venus/The Eye Creatures pack)
From Beyond the Grave
Gates of Hell, The (City of the Living Dead (Fulci))
Gnaw: Food of the Gods, Part 2
Grifters, The
Half a Loaf of Kung Fu (has to be a better one somewhere)
Hanna D: The Girl From Vondal Park
Hawk the Slayer
Hellhole (try eBay)
High Art
Horror of Frankenstein
House of Whipcord
House Where Evil Dwells, The
Houseboat Horror
Howling 5 (Howling Double Feature: Howling 5 - The Rebirth / Howling 6 - The Freaks)
If Looks Could Kill
I'm Gonna Git You Sucker (also available in UK)
Initiation, The (Initiation/Mountaintop Motel Massacre)
It Came from Beneath the Sea [2 Discs]
Killing Zoe
King od New York, The
Mama Dracula
Medicine Man
Monster High
Moon 44
Neon Maniacs
New Gladiators (Troma film)
Night Of The Creeps
Night Of The Demons 2
No Sex Please: We're British
Outlaw Alien
Psycho 4 (Psycho II/Psycho III/Psycho IV: The Beginning pack)
Queen of Evil (Seizure)
Quest for the Mighty Sword (not available. Called Ator 3, but you can get the first in the series - Ator - The Fighting Eagle)
Raiders of the Living Dead (2 Dsic edition)
Savage Sisters ( link NOT THE BOXSET)
Savage Weekend
Schizo (1977)
Scream and Die
Slaughter High
Slaughter's Big Ripoff
Spymaker (The Ian Fleming Story)
Stepfather, The
Terminal Exposure (rare / part of the Ninja Academy series)
Terror Night (Bloody Movie)
Terror on the Menu (Terror House)
They Call Me Macho Woman
Toxic Zombies
Treasure Of The Amazon
Twice Dead (Roger Corman's Cult Classics: The Evil/Twice Dead)
Twins (Arnold Schwarzenegger Comedy Favorites Collection for the only version that is widescreen)
Unhinged (UK version has VHS cover)
Vampire Happening
Vampire Lovers (Countess Dracula/The Vampire Lovers for the widescreen version)
Watchers 2 (Watchers 1 & 2 Double Feature)
Werewolves on Wheels
Who's Harry Crumb?
Witchboard 3
Young Einstein
Zombie Island Massacre (Troma Triple B-Header #1)

UK: (19 titles)

Beyond Evil
Carry On: The Ultimate Collection Box Set (30 Discs) - (Note that in UK there is also 2 disc SE of individual films with commentary by actors)
Children of the Corn II (Children of the Corn I, II, III Box set)
Dracula's Widow
Gothic (widescreen)
Hellraiser - Lament Configuration Box Set (4 Discs) (Anchor Bay)
I, Monster
Mutilator, The
My Favorite Brunette/Road To Bali/Road To Hollywood
Planet of Blood (Queen of Blood)
Red Squirrel
Relative Fear
She (search for Sandahl Bergman (actress))
Terror at the Opera (Arrow Entertainment 2 disc edition)
Two Moon Junction (widescreen)
Unnamable 2, The (The Unnamable / The Unnamable Returns (Anchor Bay))
Warlock (widescreen version)

FRANCE: (2 titles)

Without a Clue ( link )
Rabid (Canada also (read up link and link )


Elementary School, The (Obecná škola )